Free Spins

Hearing the word ‘free’ associated with an online casino can be a tempting pull to play. Free spins are a feature that many online gaming platforms commonly offer, but what do they actually provide? In this rundown, we will explore what free spins are, how you can play them safely and what signs to look for when finding a genuine opportunity for online gambling.

As the name would indicate, free spins are a promotional incentive that online casinos offer to entice players to choose their games. Most commonly, free spins are accessed as a criterion for either having made an online deposit or as a prize after the completion of a game. There may also be times when the free spin is available before making a cash deposit but these are not common.

The main reason for free spins being offered are to encourage new players to register with an online casino. They are also a great way for some existing players to try the game before they deposit money and can also be used as a way to keep people engaged with an online slot for longer.

As with any type of online gameplay, we always recommend that players do their research before depositing money. If a website is not properly registered with the gambling commission, free spins could be seen as a way to attract people without having the correct safety measures in place. However, there are many benefits that authentic casinos can offer when giving free spins as an incentive, which are as follows:

● Players can get a chance to try out a new online game before depositing large amounts of money.

● Whilst terms and conditions should always be read, many free spin games offer genuine opportunities to win real money or online credit.

● Players can also get to test out an online slot and gain an idea of how wagering works in a particular casino. This improves awareness of other online games and helps people to play more wisely.

There are many different opportunities in which free spins are used as an online gaming incentive. The most common versions are daily free spins, one-time spins and tournament spins which are unlocked after a series of games being played. The type of free spin on offer should always be clearly outlined so be sure to read the small print when choosing a game to play.

As we mentioned, free spins are not typically completely void of any deposits being made, with most including minimum spend amounts. By checking out the terms and withdrawal conditions before playing, you can make an assessment as to how free a spin works out to be. There are also other conditions to be aware of including wagering requirements which share details of what markers need to be met before money can be withdrawn as winnings.

Although there are many benefits, there are some potential cons you should be aware of when selecting free spins. This includes higher wager amounts, restrictions to certain games and win limits.

Free spin games are often easy to find as they are boldly marketed on online casinos. To understand which opportunities offer a genuine opportunity for winning money check out our upcoming and latest slot recommendations.