High RTP Slots

Across the UK, 43% of people gamble each month. This means a lot of people are chasing that next win in the hopes of ending their financial woes for good. For those who take the process of gambling more seriously, the search often includes looking for the best RTP slots.

This article will explore high RTP slots UK-based to provide a detailed view of what the term means.

We all know that when it comes to gambling, it’s the luck of the draw as to whether or not you win big. Although the results of online slots cannot be predicted or planned for, there is a way to understand the expected return that a player is likely to receive. RTP stands for Return to Player and stands for this very calculation. This is a theoretical calculation based on the number of players and previous wins, which gives a loose view of how much a player can stand to win back from the slots.

The UK Gambling Commission requests that players are always provided with an RTP to indicate the associated risks of spending their money via a casino game. 

An RTP is calculated by dividing the win and turnover figures from a game to determine the average ratio. Other factors will also impact this calculation, such as the type of game, its popularity and in-game offers, so the calculation is just provided as an estimate.

If an RTP is being calculated correctly and honestly, you should notice the number fluctuating regularly. You can also watch our best offers to find online slots trending with a high RTP.

RTP is one of the best measures for keeping informed during gambling. This is essential if you want to gamble responsibly, which we always recommend.

The additional benefits of playing high RTP slot games are the following:

● Knowing the RTP and selecting high-rated games can effectively lower your risk of losing money. Not only will you have a higher chance of winning, but you can also stay away from games likely to lose your money quickly.

● There will be more frequent payouts, which may not completely match the RTP but should not be far from it.

● Players can also benefit from extended gameplay as they are more likely to remain in positive winnings for longer.

● High RTP games are also a good indication of popular ones with other players. This can represent a better casino to use and spend money with as it is seen as a credible and trusted source of entertainment.

As all casinos will have differing RTPs, it’s important to research where it is best to play. It’s best to first understand what type of online slot you want to play, then compare a few options we recommended on our website or ones included in our latest slot releases.

Any website you gamble on should be recognised by the UK Gambling Commission and registered as an official business within the UK.

It’s also important to regularly check the current RTP of an online slot you may be consistently playing, as the rates will change. Should it drop lower than we recommend, looking at other sites to see how they compare is best.