Release Date – 22/02/2024

Welcome, thrill-seekers and spin enthusiasts, to the electrifying realm of Buggin, where ELK Studios invites you to a buzzing fiesta in the heart of nature. Forget what you know about ordinary slots; this is an insect invasion into the gambling universe. Picture a lively botanical garden turned into a vibrant playground, where bugs aren’t pests but the true protagonists of a reel revolution.

Software ELK Studios
Release Date DD.MM.2024
Features Cluster Pays Jackpots, Big Symbol Extravaganza, Wild Features Galore
Min-Max Bet £0.20 to £100.00
Volatility High
Max Win x10000

As you step into the Buggin universe, you’re greeted by a lively park setting – a place where bugs flaunt their charm amid lily-covered ponds, manicured lawns, and whimsical flowers. ELK Studios has transformed the mundane into a visually captivating playground, setting the stage for a wild adventure.

Buggin ditches the traditional paylines for a more thrilling Cluster Pays system. Your wins aren’t tied to dull, predictable lines; they explode into life when five or more identical symbols connect vertically or horizontally. It’s a 7×7 grid where every spin releases a swarm of 49 symbols, creating a dynamic atmosphere where chaos leads to colossal wins.

The garden’s lower echelons include leaves, berries, grapes, and mushrooms – your humble garden fare. But it’s the high-paying bug characters that steal the spotlight. As you form clusters, these charismatic bugs could reward you with up to 100 times your stake, turning your spin into a bug-tastic bonanza.

Amidst the garden’s chaos, keep an eye out for Big Symbols! These colossal 2×2 or 3×3 symbols pack a punch, paying out as if they were an army of regular symbols. When these giants grace your screen, get ready for a spectacle of wins that’ll leave you buzzing.

Wild symbols aren’t just placeholders in Buggin; they’re the lifeblood of your winnings. Cascading Wins, Feature Wilds, and Wild Redrops are the ammunition in your bug arsenal. Collect Feature Wilds to unlock a myriad of modifiers, from making symbols bigger to multiplying your wins. It’s a bug mayhem that keeps your reels alive and kicking.

The excitement doesn’t end with a single drop. Collect Feature Wilds strategically, hit the Wild Redrop target, and watch as a cascade of wilds rains down on your reels. It’s an encore performance that could turn your spin into a wild symphony of winnings.

For the daredevils among us, the X-iter feature offers a shortcut to the action. Buy your way into various game modes, each with its own thrill factor. Whether you’re embarking on a Bonus Hunt, unleashing 2 or 4 Feature Wilds, or diving straight into the Free Spins Bonus Game, the choice is yours. Control the chaos and dictate your destiny.

In the realm of online slots, Buggin emerges as a shining beacon of innovation. ELK Studios has masterfully combined a captivating theme with groundbreaking features, creating an immersive experience that’s anything but ordinary. Bugs aren’t just insects here; they’re the architects of your fortune.

At, we don’t just review slots; we unravel experiences. Buggin earns its stripes with a 4.5 out of 5, setting a new standard for insect-infested excitement in the world of online gambling. Strap in, spinners – the bug revolution awaits!

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