Responsible Gambling

With approximately 22.5 UK adults enjoying gambling as an occasional hobby, it is clear to see that a large proportion of adults partake in online gameplay from time to time. However, a fun pass-time for one person could unlock a series of troubling events for others. At Azzi Gambling, everyone can gamble responsibly and enjoy online casinos with the right support structures.

In this guide, we have included some tips for noticing when issues may arise and methods for implementing healthy habits towards online gambling. We want as many people as possible to enjoy the games we review, so check out this support to keep your online casino hobby moving positively.

The term “Gamble Responsibly” means that individuals who choose to gamble should do so in a way that does not cause harm to themselves or others. You can take active measures to keep gameplay safe and within your set parameters by taking responsibility. This could be the time, money spent, and locations you choose to gamble.

Although this will mean something different to everyone, it can be unified as an individual’s approach to gambling, which keeps them in control. These should be measures that allow people to check back in with their current gambling and also have tools for making changes should issues arise.

As we mentioned, gambling responsibly will be different for every person but below we have included our top tips for keeping things moving along in the right way for you. Afterall, you can still gamble safely and have fun as long as the right considerations are being made.

Know your limits – This refers to both time and budget, as both can lead to gambling issues if exceeded. It’s important to only spend time or money you can afford. Try setting spending limits with your bank or setting alarms on your phone for when it’s time to log off and take a break.

● Be informed – Always read the small print before playing a game or signing up on a website, as this will help you remain in control. Aspects such as adding more funds to initiate a cash-out can lead to people quickly exploiting their budgets.

● Understand the terminology – All games should include an RTP highlighting the probability of winning money back. This is an example of information players should understand to make better decisions and where to spend their money.

● Be accountable – Tell people around you that you like to gamble and seek support if needed.

We think gambling safely should be promoted to all responsible adults as it is a fun activity. By having a network of people around you who can call you out should they notice changes in your habits, you are less likely to develop an issue.

There are several signs that may indicate you have a gambling problem, including:

● You find it difficult to stop gambling, even when you want to. Always be in touch with your needs.

● Gambling with money you cannot afford to lose, such as rent or bill money, becomes something you don’t see as wrong.

● You feel irritable or restless when you are not gambling.

● You lie to others about your gambling habits.

● Responsibilities, such as work or family, become second to gambling.

Yes, it can! At Azzi Gambling, we believe this pass-time can be an enjoyable activity when the right measures are followed. Set yourself up safely but following the tips we have included and also being aware of who you can contact should you start to experience issues.